A Working Vacation

Christine keeps busy with the camera, Florence loves the water, and I can't stop collecting

Christine keeps busy with the camera, Florence loves the water, and I can't stop collecting

shell garden 5

oyster shell garden

shell garden 3stone garden

Yesterday we returned to our home after our annual trip to the east coast.  We relaxed for a week at the beach in NC before heading to the woods in SC.  We look forward to these trips as an opportunity to catch up with our family, but they are also one of the most inspirational and productive times of the year for us.  Christine has been pursuing documentary photography projects at both locations for the last six years, and the project in SC is one where we collaborate.  More on that later.

I have included four images of some of my inspirations from the trip.  This year I was really taken by the worm-eaten remnants of shells, which have many of the characteristics of Chinese scholar’s rocks in miniature.  I settled for photographs in most cases, as I am trying to be increasingly selective about what I drag back to my studio.  I was also able to dig up some nice additions to my rock collection from the fill dirt around my parent’s property.  I am considering the purchase of a few tons next year just so that I can sort through it for treasures.  There are always potholes on the lane that need filling, after all.

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  1. Allison Holt

    I love these!! A more local place that you might find interesting is Cuiver River. I don’t know if you have been there before, but it is out in the cave region of MO. It is a nice enough park (hostile Ozark locals, though… seriously) but the river itself is covered with fossils. These fossil-y rocks look like your scholar stones, but the holes are all remains of ancient sea life. I think you would really, really like it. Just watch out for snakes during the summer time; the river banks are loaded.

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