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It is pretty bad when an entire season passes between posts,  but I am pleased to return with one of the most striking aspects of autumn in St. Louis– the unlikely blue of the cloudless sky.  And if you stand a yellow ginkgo tree in front of that blue, you are fortunate to observe what might very well be the most distinctive color contrast available to human vision.  We have a 1993 Ford Explorer.  It is my “occasional use” vehicle, perfect for hauling materials.  It suffers from one of the most dated paint jobs available, and the color never made any sense to me until I came outside the other morning and saw it covered in leaves from our maple tree.  Now I think of it as the most suitable of colors for St. Louis.  Those two moments would have been enough for me, but I was blessed with one more when I returned home later in the day.  Someone from the utility company had come by to mark the water lines on our street, and in a classic “not my job” gesture they had applied their blue spray paint to the shifting leaves instead of the asphalt.  Standing there under the strange blue sky, next to my strange blue truck, looking down at the strange blue leaves,  the looking felt like a good day’s work.