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egg tempera

powdered pigment blog

powdered pigment

mulling the pigment blog

Using a glass muller to make a paste of ultramarine blue and distilled water

Pigment paste

Pigment paste

Mixing several values of blue with the egg medium

Mixing several values of blue with the egg medium

This week I gave a demonstration of the traditional manufacture and use of egg tempera.  I used what is perhaps the simplest formula– just pure yolk blended with distilled water for the medium, and various water-based pigment pastes.  This results in a luminous and durable paint film best employed in quick washes or single strokes.  Perhaps in the future I will experiment with egg-oil emulsions for more versatility in blending.

Now that the demos are over, I am working overtime to finish my current paintings for the upcoming show at Fontbonne University.


Flo encaustic blog

Florence, encaustic on panel (in progress)

Well, I have a whole new respect for the use of encaustic.  I made the portrait above on Tuesday as a sample piece to go with my classroom demonstration on Wednesday.  It was quite a learning experience– actually quite frustrating until I stopped thinking of the process as “painting”.  The brush was just a means of getting wax from the hot plate to the panel, after which the real work was accomplished with a warm carving knife.  Plenty of scraping, blending, and reshaping was involved.  I hope to finish the piece some time next week.  In the mean time, I am preparing for a demonstration of traditional egg tempera.