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I’ve been spending a lot of time over in Forest Park as I continue to study our region’s edible wild plants.  We’ve managed to work in a few extra adventures, which included teaching Florence how to catch her first sunfish.  I’m not yet certain how to talk about the plant study in relation to my art-making, but it is something that I am working to clarify.  In the mean time I will pass along a poem by Louis MacNeice which I was fortunate to come across in the spring.  I shared it with my Painting Elective class as a description of their own journey from an the objectivity of an existence “above” art-making to a place down in it– the immersion of experience.

Under the Mountain

Seen from above

The foam in the curving bay is a goose-quill

That feathers… unfeathers… itself.

Seen from above

The field is a flap and the haycocks buttons

To keep it flush with the earth.

Seen from above

The house is a silent gadget whose purpose

Was long since obsolete.

But when you get down

The breakers are cold scum and the wrack

sizzles with stinking life.

When you get down

The field is a failed or a worth-while crop, the source

Of back-ache if not heartache.

And when you get down

The house is a maelstrom of loves and hates where you–

Having got down– belong.

Louis MacNeice, from Selected Poems of Louis MacNeice, Edited and with an introduction by Michael Longley